21 Awesome Benefits to Aluminum Fences

The ideal fence fulfills practical and aesthetic purposes. White picket fences are no longer the only option for practicality and aesthetics. Nowadays, homeowners flock to the modern look and versatile use of aluminum fences. Keep reading to learn the awesome benefits of bringing aluminum fences to your home or business.

Aluminum Fences Have Great Curb Appeal

Boost the value of your home or business by making your yard more attractive with aluminum fencing. Here's a few reasons why your property will gain more prestige having an aluminum fence.

  • Stylish

    Don't get stuck thinking that ugly chain link is your only option in aluminum fencing. Because of the wide selection of choices in aluminum fencing, it's easy to find something that will blend in with the existing beauty and style of your home or business. If you feel your home or business' exterior is looking a bit drab, an aluminum fence can absolutely enhance the look of the overall property. Aluminum fences pair especially well with contemporary styled homes. For buildings with stone, brick, or stucco siding, aluminum fencing gives a touch of added class. To give a more stately look, add a fence post cap in an ornamental design or picket-style. With all that's available in aluminum fencing, it's no surprise that it's getting mentions in design blogs and is on high demand.

  • Ornamental Appearance

    Ornamental designs are timeless and well sought after for residential properties. Achieving a Victorian era wrought iron fence appearance is easy and cheaper to do with aluminum ornament embellishments. This feature is very limited in wood fencing and is very expensive in steel and iron fencing. Being that aluminum is lightweight and can be easily welded when heated, you won't have to wait so long or pay as much for ornament customizations. ActiveYards offers a few ornament options like the Diamond from the Harbor Series. One way to achieve an ornamental appearance is to add an ornamental gate or fence post caps. For especially unique post caps, look for the Royal Finial, Triad Finial, Estate Scroll, and Butterfly Scroll. Because aluminum doesn't rust, your ornamental designs will never look unattractive or uncared for in your yard.

  • Good Visibility

    Because aluminum fences have spatial posts and rails, there is no obstruction of view from either end. You can easily see out and others can easily see in on your property. Whatever it is on your property, be ok about sharing the view. Let your hard work on roofing, siding, landscaping, or gardening shine. Don't be ashamed of your kids toys all over the lawn. Fellow neighbors will understand. Give a smile or laugh to passersby with yard decorations. While shopping for an aluminum fence, keep in mind that the color and look of your fence should compliment your yard and home, especially since they are all in clear view. Aluminum fencing can be so gorgeous that the fence itself will not be seen as an eyesore to your property.

  • Property Line Precision

    Aluminum fences have the ability to adjust to any and all slopes on your property. They have such precision in installation because they are "rackable." Aluminum fences come in rackable sections up to 25 inches over 6 inches with no special rails. Aluminum bars can be placed at any level to give the best precision for your security and safety. This ability to be rackable means they can be constructed closely to or even on the ground making sure pets and little ones can't get through any gaps. With aluminum, you can successfully fence every part of your property from the awkward corner angle to the bumps and curves in your property.

Get What You Want with Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing allows you to dream big in terms of design. Here's why you can have it all when it comes the look of your aluminum fence.

  • Variety of Styles

    Choosing a fence style is basically the same as selecting the facade of your home. It's what people will see at first glance. Therefore, the style of your fence should go along with the style of your siding. Aluminum fences come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, so there shouldn't be a problem finding an aluminum fence that compliments your home or business. Because aluminum is a lightweight metal that can be used over and over again, it is very easy to make customizations. Customizations can include a choice of color, a fence post cap design, a mix of posts, or a variety of racking techniques. The styles are endless and more and more designs regularly become available. We mentioned ornamental designs already. You can choose to have lots of embellishments or keep your aluminum fence simple. More traditional looking fence styles are offered in aluminum fencing, too, like the Travertine from the Harbor Series. Flat, smooth, curved, or spikey top, the choice is yours.

  • Your Choice of Color

    Again, aluminum fencing is no longer confined to that 90s silver chain link image so many have. Thanks to anodizing, a manufacturing process that bonds charged particles to more efficiently paint metal, aluminum fences are available in all kinds of colors. Once they have the anodized primer, the aluminum goes through electrostatic painting. This powder coating process involves dipping electrically conductive parts into a tank of paint that is then electrostatically charged fusing the particles to the metal. This process can also be done by an electrostatic spray painting process, which is more commonly used on fences that have already been installed. ActiveYards' generally only carries aluminum fences in black or white. However, it's common to find green, blue, gold, bronze, and sandstone anodized aluminum fences. You can choose the color that best suits your style and property.

  • Versatility

    Because of their look, strength, and customization, aluminum fences are a perfect option for almost anywhere. Most commonly you might have first seen aluminum fences as the go-to material for pool enclosures and gates. That being said, they appeal to many residential properties like personal homes (front and back yards), estates, apartment and condominium buildings, housing authorities, and animal/ pet and child enclosures. Aluminum fences also work great at commercial and public properties like office complexes, parking lots, cemeteries, parks and playgrounds, gardens, farms and ranches, security perimeters, and industrial properties. As mentioned before, they come in many styles, colors, and can be embellished to your design desire. What's more is that aluminum fencing works really well on all surfaces, flat or sloped, so no need to worry about gaps or awkward transitions around your fence.

  • Affordable

    Good news continues as you can have the beauty and durability of those timeless iron and steel fences for a fraction of the cost with aluminum fences. Aluminum fences are in the mid range pricing level as far as fencing materials go. Aluminum fencing ranges from $10 to $32 per linear foot. For comparison, the next cheapest metal fence is hollow steel starting at $15 per linear foot. Then, there's solid steel that starts at $84 per linear foot and then cast iron at $125. The price of aluminum fencing depends on the grade of aluminum, the color, the style, and so on. The cheapest is tubular aluminum, which runs from $10 to $14 per linear foot. The prices mentioned do not include professional installation fees. What makes aluminum fences even more affordable is that once they're installed, there are no further costs for maintenance, which saves you a lot over the years. There is no other fencing material out there that has a better cost to benefit ratio than aluminum fences.

Aluminum Fences are Built to Last

One of the best features of aluminum fences has got to be their limited lifetime warranty. Here's why such a warranty can be offered.

  • Durability

    Aluminum fences are known to have the strength of wrought iron fences despite being the lighter material. It's highly unlikely your aluminum fence will even get dented or damaged. The weather can't cororide it, wind can't knock it, and pests won't eat it, so there's no need for re-fencing after a decade. Because of the powder coating, aluminum fences are protected from rust and so much more. If you're looking for an aluminum fence for industrial purposes, varying degrees of aluminum are also available. Do a little research about which grade of aluminum suits your needs before purchasing. Regardless of the grade you choose, aluminum fences are sure to stand strong and proud through all seasons year after year.

  • Maintenance Free

    When you have a lifetime warranty aluminum fence installed, you can also rest assured that you have a lifetime of little to no maintenance on your fence. Aluminum fences are a thick, powder coated material that not only protects your space, but protects itself from losing its original sturdy look. You won't need to repaint it like iron fences. You won't need to restain it like wood fences. You won't need to replace broken or rotted posts. The most maintenance you will have is simply hosing it down once a season. This is only necessary to remove dirt and debris from the surface to keep it looking clean and polished.

  • Resilient Against Mother Nature

    Chemically, aluminum is not susceptible to the harsh conditions of mother nature. Because of its powder coating, aluminum fencing is resilient to just about anything. Unlike steel and iron, aluminum won't rust. Unlike wood, aluminum won't rot. It will stand strong even after enduring multiple ice, hail, and snow storms. The color and quality won't be bothered by excessive rain or moisture. The color won't fade after years of exposure to sunlight. Also, thanks to ActiveYards' SolarGuard ingenuity, the color of your aluminum fence is further guaranteed to stay like- new. SolarGuard is color retention technology that helps protect your fence from the sun's harmful rays.

  • Light Weight

    Aluminum fencing is much lighter in weight than iron, steel, and even wood fencing. Its weight is comparable to vinyl and PVC fence options. Being lightweight makes aluminum fencing materials a lower cost to manufacture and ship. This affects the overall price of materials. Because aluminum is so light weight, it makes handling during installation much easier. Being lightweight means the labor cost for professional installation is lower. It also makes the option of being self-installed possible.

  • Smart Design

    As mentioned before, aluminum fences have a rackable design, which is smart because it means they can be installed directly on the ground eliminating fencing gaps. ActiveYards aluminum fences come with a few patented fencing ingenuity systems. Its biggest claim to fame is the construction system called Corigin, which connects the pickets and rails from the inside out and fortifies the core. With this system, ActiveYards' produces aluminum fences that are built to last longer and perform better than other fencing options. According to its website, this smart design also removes the need for screws, which can become rusty and loose over time. No screws or visible mechanics gives an overall more beautiful and refine look to your fence.

Feel Completely Secure with Aluminum Fences

What aluminum fences lack in privacy, they make up for in security. Here's how you can be open to the community but also secure from them.

  • Fenced In but not Closed In

    Fences aren't just about blocking things out and keeping to yourself. They serve as property barriers and gorgeous framing. One of the unique things about aluminum fencing is that if offers great protection and security without having a solid wall. That visibility means you can get to know your neighbors better. You can see what's going on in the community around you more easily. You can also show off your garden, yard ornaments, and holiday decorations. Your community will appreciate getting an idea of who their neighbors are based on the exterior of your property. Perhaps this visibility will encourage you to be better about keeping up with your landscaping.

  • Protection

    As mentioned above, there is good visibility with aluminum fences. This visibility doesn't mean that your home or business will become more susceptible to break ins. Aluminum fencing is very strong and can't be bent easily. Unlike chain link fences, you can't use wire cutters to cut aluminum fence poles. Aluminum rails and posts are spaced close enough that even small cats and dogs can't get in or out. Therefore, surely no human can get between them. Aluminum fences are posted directly to the ground and edged around slopes so there are no gaps for trespassers to enter. Aluminum fencing is often installed and spaced vertically. This makes it makes it very difficult for someone to climb over them as opposed to fencing with horizontal placement. If you have spiky fence posts, then the climbing option becomes all the more tricky. ActiveYards has a selection of fences with top of the line protection in mind. The Amethyst is a nice choice here because it has three rails and features spiky posts.

  • Installation Options

    Due to their lightweight nature, self- installation is a lot easier with aluminum fences. However, there is no getting out of digging holes, pouring concrete, and hours of labor. Therefore, if you don't mind that and consider yourself a DIYer, go for it! Self-installation eliminates the cost of professional installation, which starts at $10 per hour per linear foot. You also don't have to be put on an installation waiting list, which is particularly high during peak seasons (spring and summer). ActiveYards makes self-installation easier with their EZFence2Go system. Installation guides and videos are offered online to help you with your the journey starting with how to choose a fence and measure your property. Hiring a professional is, of course, an option, too. It is especially recommended if you have uneven terrain, large property, or little to no experience in home improvement projects. The cost of professional installation depends on how much fence you have, the shape of your yard, the durability of your aluminum, and the time of year your fence will be installed.

  • Added Security Options

    Not that you need further security with an aluminum fence, but if that's what you're after, added security options are available. Unlike some fencing materials, aluminum fences are easy to accessorize and make additions. Such additions might be more railing, gates, locks, and designer post caps. These options can be made in aluminum to match your existing fence or upgraded to a stronger metal like steel or iron. Gates are all also available in a variety of styles: single and double gates, self-closing, self-latching, automated, and more. All of which give added protection to your property, possessions, and loved ones.

Aluminum Fences are an Eco-Friendly Option

According to The Aluminum Association, "the use of aluminum helps building projects qualify for green building status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards." When buying an aluminum fence you don't have to be as concerned about your carbon footprint and here's why.

  • Sustainability

    As mentioned before, aluminum fences have a lifetime warranty. If installed properly, aluminum fences might even last longer than your home or business. Therefore, you won't need to waste resources to replace your fence every few years or even decades. Another reason they're high on the list of sustainable fencing options is that they don't require regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can be seen as a waste of resources. Maintaining a fence can be extremely harmful to the environment or to yourself because of the use of toxic chemicals. No maintenance and no use of harmful chemicals is required in owning an aluminum fence.

  • Save a Tree

    No trees were harmed in the making or upkeep of aluminum fences. Aluminum fences do not require the use of lumber to manufacture, construct, or install. Saving the forest is perhaps the most obvious reason that aluminum is an eco-friendly option in fencing materials. In theory, more aluminum fences being used equals more trees in the forest to absorb CO2 and ideally lowering the effects of global warming.

  • Recycled Again and Again

    While there shouldn't ever be a need for you to replace an aluminum fence, there might come a time to dispose of one. When and if that time comes, you simply take it to your local scrap metal recycling center. Aluminum is an easy material to recycle over and over. You might even get some money back for recycling your aluminum fence. Not only is your fence recyclable, but it was made from recycled aluminum in the process of aluminum extrusion.

  • No Chemical Treatments

    Rest easy knowing that maintaining an aluminum fence does not require any maintenance that is harmful to the environment. Aluminum fences don't need to be re-painted or stained. They also don't require any sealants like wooden fences do. Furthermore, no coatings or sprays necessary to maintain aluminum fences. All of that maintenance require the use of harsh chemical products. The use of those products, most often used on wooden or iron fences, pump toxic fumes into the ozone. Breathing in such toxins is harmful to both humans and wildlife. The only maintenance required with aluminum fences is occasional rinsing with plain water. As long as you don't use an excessive amount of water or conduct the rinsing during a drought, you're in the clear for being kind to the environment.

Aluminum Fences Are One for All and All for One

With its great reputation in style, price, quality, versatility, and sustainability, aluminium fencing is a great option for everyone. It's often an underrated fencing option because it is cheaper and more lightweight than similar options. However, more expensive doesn't always mean better. Installing an aluminum fence is a one and done kind of deal. Invest in aluminum fences now and your fencing needs will be set for life.